Click anywhere on this map to zoom in on the component maps...Click anywhere along this path for specific examples...Click anywhere along this path for specific examples  (or here for the"GIS-ing" model)...Click anywhere along this path for specific examples (of eLearning rollovers, pop-ups, frames, forms etc) ...Click anywhere along this path for specific examples (or here for some rough initial work on net navigation / mapping) ...Project Risk Assessment ...MapServer prototype (test environment)...Some of the maps featured here are available for puchase online ...Hand-drawn InfoMap with  thumbnail graphic links to other interesting maps and visualizations...1/2 Marathon Map for World Masters GamesArtista del Mappa  hard at work in map studio ...Concept testing JavaScript zooming (before AJAX)...Treasure Island Map to buried treasure...Map of SmartGraphics Symposium held in Banff, Canada May'04...New 7D+ map zooming approach....A map proposal sketched to illustrate safety issues in the workplace...The GreatMap Collaboratory (describes the major aspects of this initiative...Top Edmontonians Map (links to Smart Map +...)...The new Fibonacci-inspired map viewer design...TimeLine Map of the Great Ideas ...first draft map using planets as points...Calgary sitemap among the  best on the web...Greatest Hits Search Map is accessed by clicking here..."Mapping the Great Ideas" for Sackler Colloquium...GreatMap Demo page (and Prior Art disclosure)....Watch words morph into lines > areas  >  points...This  LibraryMap of the Dewey Decimal Classification system  is a great information mapping on any map here to see a "Zoom" of it...this is the project map for the Great Map initiative..."Mapping Knowledge Domains" Arthur M. Sackler Colloquium  The National Academy of Sciences  Information Mapping Interface Experimental Development Log ...zoom out from a single brain cell ....My "Artistic Licence"who in the world uses our maps?... I'm developing content dedicated to internet navigation, for a single site, or across the whole net. ..What kind of valuable information can we add to that typical view out your office windiow..."Secret" MapServer Technical Architecture...maps look like's an animated look at the GreatMap zooming...See how  the Great Map zooms into something of interest...A learning interface for young students...Click here (see page 6) for a mindmapping article I wroteContact: map art by rwild@1-900-870-6235.comI continue to be focused on the use of the internet for learning and training purposes. ..A screenshot "base map" over- layed with eLearning features and functionality. This allows the learner to stay in the same frame of mind, whether using or learning about the applicationThis true "sitemap"  demonstrates the effectiveness of this visual navigational approach...Shows how tool boxes on a computer screen can be treated like islands with links to valuable eLearning content. ..Another fine mapping example (of a mapping company's site)Why doesn't  software "Help" work this way?...Look what we can do with a handwritten "mindmap"...My  philosophy of internet and information  mapping...Map of the features of the World's Best SiteMaps...A Map for anyone interested in science and Stephen Hawking It's easy to get lost in these complex net technologies, so its nice to know that helpful maps are available...Wouldn't it make alot of sense to "map" out the benefits of the approach that I take to net navigation and knowledge management?...Join the flock of angels that make these projects fly...James Burke, Science Historian, leads an interesting ( eLearning projectThis is a process map for an eBusiness application...I found the best use of visual sitemapping on the internet. Here are 25 of the best concepts in use today;..Mapping web-based eLearning "objects"...Organizational mapping example...I've mapped one of the Great Ideas through to original source documents on the web...Navigate the Great Map from Happingess to Wisdom to Kant to Fundamental Principles Why not have a web "site map" to help people navigate to the information of interest to them?Click anywhere along this path for specific examples  (or here for early applications of visual communication design)...Tour hidden under this animated gif...This interactive map provides navigation to the major initiatives supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundationthe "collage" map versionIf you want to change the way the world views information on the internet, contact me...This is an interactive mindmap of an eLearning site that (used to?) provides efficient navigation to the the content contained. ..

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In some examples, clicking on the thumbnail will open up a full size map image in another window for you to look at more closely. * NOTE: not all of these client examples are in use today; some of the older designs may have been upgraded or replaced by the customer. Nevertheless, they are all original art works by Ron Wild that illustrate the creativity and quality of the work which can be provided.

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All these examples are Copyright Ron Wild, and/or the owner of the artwork - Reproduction in any format is strictly prohibited without express written permission. All Designs and Coding Copyright (C)1998- 2005 Ron Wild - All Rights Reserved

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